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Toshionna Reddick

Mental Health Therapist

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Shanice Lockhart

Mental Health Therapist

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Shalesha Andrews

Mental Health Therapist

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Mental Health Therapist




Mental Health Therapist

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Mental Health Therapist

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Healing our Community One Family at a time 

For Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime.

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What we offer

Our Mission:

The Black Mental Health Corporation strives to provide excellent, quality mental health care to underserved communities. It is the goal of The Black Mental Health Corporation to rebuild these communities, one family, at a time through excellent mental health and social assistance services.

Our History:

TBMHC was created by Desmond Yanamayu with people of color in mind, after realizing this diverse population experienced challenges and struggles that were unique from many other racial/ethnic groups. Because of this, he wanted to create a space where black people could feel comfortable getting counseling with someone who understood issues specifically related to them. Even still, The Black Mental Health Corporations’ services are open to people of all ethnicities and racial backgrounds.

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Meet with our provider to discuss your med management

Case Management

Need a little extra help? Meet with a case manager that can help with things like food and housing resources. 

Talk Therapy

Meet with a Licensed therapist to discuss your mental health needs

Virtual and in person sessions

Meet with your therapist in person or via telehealth.

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